Book Review: Period Power

Written By Laura

January 19, 2022

This book has to be the book I have recommended the most in life so far! It is written in such an empowering and hopeful manner that you are immediately inspired to take action. This is the book that we were all missing from our teenage years, in fact I experienced a sense of loss that this was not available to my younger self. To compensate for that I hope that by spreading the word now, the message will reach the youth of today so they can be fully informed!

The book explains your cycle using the seasons as a metaphor for each phase. It highlights the predictable changes in physical and emotional wellbeing through each stage. It also provides practical steps to help with these fluctuations throughout your cycle.

Maisie Hill, the author, is an expert at reminding people to have acceptance and compassion for where they are at. The principles in her book echo that of the therapy room, accept the emotion that arises, be curious about it, wonder what it’s message is, and above all have compassion for yourself.

I particularly appreciated her reframe of premenstrual emotional states. Many of us are guilty of dismissing things we said, or unexpected emotional outbursts during this phase of our cycle. Her scientific interpretation of that was these emotions and unsaid things are being naturally suppressed by high levels of oestrogen in other seasons of our cycle. Mother nature’s way of ensuring that we think our partner’s are attractive, so that we ultimately fulfill the job of being nature’s reproductive machine. In our autumn/ winter, declining levels of oestrogen allow us to see and feel things as they are, the oestrogen is no longer present to gloss over the fact that it is annoying that your partner leaves their dirty laundry on the floor. So it’s time to ditch the narrative of being unpredictable or ‘crazy’ when you are premenstrual, scientifically this is the time you are being authentic and honest about how you truly feel.

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Have a read of her book to see how it can have a positive impact on your physical, emotional, and sexual wellbeing. You can find it at this link:



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