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Navigating ADHD: My Story of Masking to Vulnerability

Hey there, lovely readers! I’m so glad you’ve stopped by. Today, I want to share a story that might resonate with many of you—especially if you’ve ever felt like you’re bouncing between staying small and oversharing in social situations. As a therapist with ADHD, this has been quite the journey for me, and I’ve learned […]

“Pet Archetypes: Cats, Dogs, & Inner Reflections”

The enduring debate between cat aficionados and dog devotees unveils a compelling facet from the realm of psychology. As a psychotherapist, examining the relationship between humans and their furry companions offers intriguing insights into our psyche, particularly the interplay between masculine and feminine energies, as described in Jungian psychology. Cats, with their enigmatic and self-sufficient […]

How to map your emotional landscape: A polyvagal perspective

Have you ever stopped to ponder the intricate workings of your own nervous system, the silent conductor orchestrating your experiences and emotions? I’ve embarked on a fascinating journey of self-discovery that led me to explore the depths of the nervous system, informed by the wisdom of Polyvagal Theory. Let me take you on a personal […]

How to add play to your wellbeing toolkit

The opposite of play is not work – the opposite of play is depression.” Says Dr. Stuart Brown We have been conditioned to believe that play is exclusively for children. Growing up comes with such ‘serious’ connotations. Play is also essential for adults to engage in for their mental and physical wellbeing. Our society has conditioned […]

How animals can combat loneliness and improve mental health

Whether you currently have a pet or don’t. Having some animal time can be really beneficial to your mental health. Our furry friends are excellent models for how we can love another being unconditionally, even if they have smashed/ knocked over something important! If only we could extend the same amount of compassion to our […]

Therapy Cards to help you manifest

Using therapy cards to help with meditation/ focus/ guidance. I bought abundance cards a few years back. My initial plan was to use them in the therapy room. Since my practice is exclusively online now, I haven’t found a way to incorporate them yet. So as a starting point, I’ve begun to choose a card […]

Book Review: Complex Trauma. A Healing Journey

A memoir of this person’s healing from complex trauma. This book was suggested to me through a therapist book club. I didn’t attend the book club in the end, but I was very grateful of the recommendation. The author Stephanie Foo, is a successful journalist in the US. She uses her journalistic skills to start […]

Accreditation and the meaning behind those 4 letters (UKCP)

I wanted to do a post about accreditation, and what that word even means. I have recently reached this point in my career and wanted to reflect on it.

Book Review: Period Power

Period Power:

This book has to be the book I have recommended the most in life so far!

Conscious Breathing Exercises

Could breathwork be a part of your daily routine? It turns out that many of us are doing it wrong! I was oblivious to my constant mouth breathing until recently.