Therapy Cards to help you manifest

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October 5, 2022

Using therapy cards to help with meditation/ focus/ guidance.

I bought abundance cards a few years back. My initial plan was to use them in the therapy room. Since my practice is exclusively online now, I haven’t found a way to incorporate them yet.

So as a starting point, I’ve begun to choose a card myself. It has been a really enjoyable experience so far. I choose a card from the deck face down, so I cannot see the themes. The themes that have showed up have really resonated with me. Here are some of this weeks examples:

Spiritual guidance cards
This week’s card selections

Responsibility- A perfect reminder that I am responsible for my own health or disease. I am responsible for the actions I take and can have ownership over my life and health.

Spend Gladly: A reminder to spend money without any bitterness or resentment. If we are in a position to give, then do so with love and gratitude. Do not give to expect something in return, that creates transactional relationships, which will only lead to more pain.

Love: Keep love in your heart. Love for yourself, for your family, friends, pets, your life and your wonderful abilities. When we do things from a place of love, we experience love. All we need is ourselves, we can love, even when it’s not reciprocated. We are powerful and our love can be limitless.

Choose: What we focus on, we will attract. If we set goals in a negative framework ‘ I know I don’t want to be stuck in this job’ we will not magically find a new job. The language we use has created the opposite of what we want. We can choose our life path ‘I want a new job I love’ creates a much different internal experience. Focus on your desires, joy, abundance and love……and see how different your life could be.

So these are some examples of what came up for me. How I used them was spending a day reflecting on each one. That became my theme of the day. I journalled about it, and I reflected on it. At times it was brought in on my therapy sessions too when relevant. If you are someone who finds meditation difficult, using cards to help focus your attention can be a great way to bring more mindful awareness into your day.

These cards can be really helpful when we are feeling stuck, unmotivated or confused.

There are so many different card decks out there. The cards I used are:

Struthers, Jane. Attracting abundance. 52 cards to help you manifest gratitude abundance and success. (Oracle Cards)

So, what are trying to manifest? Could these cards act as a guide for you on this journey to creating the life you want?

Oracle Deck


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